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Maintaining Legacy Projects BRANCH Briefing

23rd March 2023

We are joined by our special guest Ben Thomson, who will be sharing his deep experience with adopting, modernising and maintaining legacy codebases and projects. 

Ben is going to give us a short presentation discussing "Don't bin it. Succeed with it." where he talk about the changing the "scrap and start again" mentality has embedded itself in bespoke software development.

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Spring Social for Members and GuestsBRANCH Social

27th April 2023

Welcome the milder weather to Manchester (yes, more rain) as tech leaders from across the city get together for a few drinks and good conversation.

This event is open to guests accompanied by members.

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Private Roundtable for Tech LeadersBRANCH Breakfast

18th May 2023

In Mays Roundtable we will be discussing how to stay Agile as your development team scales. Agile methodology is great but there are many challenges that come along with it. 

Certain obvious steps can be taken such as emphasizing team collaboration to help efficiency. Prioritising communication, as this can be the first pillar to fall when a team scales, creating confusion and slowing everyone down. But what else can we be doing to maintain an agile development team?


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Branch Breakfast

Our breakfast roundtables bring together CTOs and tech leaders to discuss a pertinent topic. With breakfast, coffee and teas provided the goal is a casual yet professional space to contribute, learn and meet others with similar challenges,


Branch Briefing

Our briefings feature a guest speaker lending their insights to the group via a hosted presentation format. Concluding with questions, refreshments and time for networking our briefing events allow CTOs and Tech Leaders to learn more from industry leaders.


Branch Social

Our social events have no agenda beyond a location, a time and a guest list of other local CTOs and Tech Leaders from established tech businesses.

Come along to our next social and meet others working in the same space as you.

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